Saturday, October 24, 2009

Omg...Sue Mei 's back!

What a sweet surprise to receive a phone call from her this morning. Even more surprised to converse with her through such clear reception - no buzzing sounds, no lagging - clearly not a long-distance call. Sue Mei is in Penang. Yay!
The last time I saw Sue Mei should be nearly 4 yrs ago!

I know Sue Mei since the college/uni days. We spent many stressful yet fun time partnering in many assignments. We also went Street Latin Dancing together. Played mahjong together. Stayed over in my room in a sleeping bag - and left the next day for work early morning, often forgotten her shoes, towels, etc.

Ahhh...typical Sue Mei. I really look forward to seeing her.

Here are some pics of me & Sue Mei:

2003 - On my bed, Aus
(Jas, Sue Mei & me)

2003- MMH299 Business Communication, Deakin Uni, Aus
(Suki, Deb, me & Sue Mei)

2005 - Christmas @ Sue Mei's place, Penang
(me. Adrian & Sue Mei)

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ndru said...

call me when u meet up with sue mei