Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yiu-Shern - week 20

24 Oct 2009

Yiu-Shern's 20 weeks Milestone

4 Months Traditional Ritual
As mentioned in previous post, Shern went through his 4 months traditional ritual on Tuesday 20 Oct 2009. Mum was the one prepared everything. We did as she said.
Hope Shern grows up healthy and happy.

Like Father, Like Son
I am getting more and more comments from friends and even strangers who saw 3 of us walking by and said 'Baby looks so much like Daddy', 'Muka macam bapa ya'!
Doesn't Shern even have a speck that looks like me?

19 Oct 2009
2 Bottom Teeth
His 2 teeth are getting longer and clearer now that a week has gone by. He now sinks his teeth into anything that he can grab his hands on. That includes his bibs, my shirt, all toys. Hopefully, my nipples are not in line.

22 Oct 2009

Cheeky Faces
With him teething, I guess he has an itchy feeling in his mouth as he keeps on pursing and sucking his lips like a goldfish. Anyhow whenever he smiles with his mouth close, he looks so adorable and cheeky.

24 Oct 2009 - Cheeky Smiles

Propped Up
Being propped up is still his favourite position. Either by pillows on my bed or in his Bumbo Seat is alright for him.

One thing though, I don't put him into his Bumbo Seat straight after his feed because he tends to lean forward (to reach out for his toys that dropped onto the floor) and it somehow pressed against his stomach and he can vomit out his milk.

19 Oct 2009 & 25 Oct 2009

25 Oct 2009

He still fancy his playmat. And him looking at the mirror to chat still fascinates him. It makes me happy that the playmat is such a good buy. Definitely my money's worth.

24 Oct 2009

How Is Mummy Doing?

- Feeling somewhat depressed that at my supposed peak, I can only express 6oz every 3 hourly. Depressed but not discouraged.

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