Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shern's 4 months Traditional Ritual Celebration

I don't know what they call this but somehow my mum said we gotta do this traditional ritual for Shern during his 4th month.

It is supposed to bless him with good teeth, good health & so forth.

3 of us took a photo with Marie biscuits around Shern's neck.

Shern with mummy & daddy

Look at the table spread:

Shern with mummy & daddy in front of the table spread

Here is Shern being fed Marie biscuits, pear, orange & phong pneah.

Look at his happy & 'tham chiak' face!

Here's a pic with Wen & Rainbow

Shern with Charlie's Angels

Shern with mummy & Min-yee & Wen-yee

And here comes Ah Yee & Hubby. Aiks..where is mum & dad?

Shern with mummy & daddy, Wen-yee, Min-yee & Yee-pho

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