Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shern's Bedtime Routine

I try my very best to stick to the bedtime routine I established some time ago.

1) Bathing
Sitting in warm water is a soothing experience as Shern likes to bathe. I figured that him being clean and cool is a great way to ease him into bedtime. However, I made sure I make this before-sleep bathtime quick so that he won't catch a cold. I also do not use any soap as he was already soaped in his morning bath. I'm afraid that too much soap may make his skin too dry.
I also used a wet hanky to clean his 2 'lil teeth - to establish brushing of teeth before sleep.

2) Quick Rub-Down/Massage
He used to be ok with me massaging him. But now that he is bigger and hates lying down, I tried to make it quick by giving him a quick rub-down. He is OK with this before I change him into his nightclothes.

3) Bedtime Story
I read to him Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown every night. I propped Shern on my tummy, both of us sitting on the reclining chair looking at the book.
I find this book very soothing and appropriate for bedtime reading. (will write a review about this book soon)

4) Lastly, i cradle him in my arms while singing him 'Rock-a-bye Baby' or other similar songs - in a very soft voice. Sometimes Shern will try to resist to get up (he hates lying down, remember?). I will then pop his pacifier into his mouth and rock him a little. He will then slowly wind down and I will stop rocking him. He will then drift off to dreamland slowly.....

p/s - oh.....of coz there were days when he decided to be a little monster and refuse to sleep.

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