Thursday, August 14, 2008

WorldVision - ONE LIFE

As Min & I were shopping in Gurney Plaza, we came across this worldvision-One Life exhibit in the main concourse. We saw many people queuing up. I got curious and so walked near it.

"One Life Revolution (OLR) is an experiental exhibit. It allows visitors to walk in the shoes of the children who endure extraordinary hardships because of HIV/AIDS and trafficking. See life through affected children's eyes. You will be amazed by their resilience."

Min & I decided to join in the queue as well. We were given a headphone with a mini MP3 player which guide us in our journey. Both Min & I had different life story - mine Jothi, while hers is John.

Nevertheless, both of us were really amazed by what we saw and what we heard.

The message by worldvision is very clear. We are the fortunate ones. And we have only one life in this planet, so what are we going to do about it?

You have one life, do something! Be it sponsoring a child, giving a simple donation, etc. Do something which you feel is right and you feel good after doing it.

(One Life Revolution (OLR) experiental exhibit at the main concourse in Gurney Plaza)

(Below is the bracelet I am wearing to remind me of Jothi. The stamping on my hand indicates that I (Jothi) am HIV negative and is one of the fortunate ones)

So those in Penang, go to Gurney Plaza main concourse and experience it yourself. It will be a lifechanging experience!


Soo Huey said...

don't just experience one life. do something about it.

J said...

this is shuey's topic..hahaha

Anonymous said...

so..have your life perspective changed?