Monday, August 11, 2008

Prayers during the Hungry Ghost Festival month

I fetched mum to Emah's house yesterday to prepare for a mini prayer session during the Hungry Ghost Festival month. Both kuma and my mum are usually the ones who does all these prayers preparation.

Upon reaching Emah's house, I could feel the heat the moment I stepped into the house *i once again told myself how lucky I am that my apartment is so windy everytime i opened up the balcony door*

After a while, Tua Pek, 2 Pek, and Ru Phing came as well. I made myself useful by helping to arrange the chopsticks, cups and spoons on the prayers table, while mum and kuma did some other stuff.

We had vegetarian and fruits offering to our ancestors. I then decided to take some photos - I believe this is a tradition that may not last through many generations after this. I for one, do not even have an alter in my home.

(altar table)

(food and fruit offerings)

(tua pek, 2 pek and Ru Phing pray using joss-sticks)

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