Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pap smear & Hep B Results

Just gotten my results from the clinic. A big smile on my face :D

OK, be prepared to read medical jargons!

Gynaecological Cytology (Pap smear)
Site: Cervix

Microscopic Appearance: Normal Epithelial cell morphology
Imflammatory Exudate: No evidence of significant leucocyte response
Candida/Trichomonads: Not detected
Micro-Organisms: Normal flora/No significant bacterial presense
Summary: Negative for Intraepithelial lesion or Malignancy

phew...i barely understand anything from above except for the 'No' and 'Not' which puts my heart at ease. Anyway, in conclusion, my Pap smear results turn out to be Normal!

Hepatitis Serology
Hepatitis B Surface antibody - HBsAb 154 IU/L
Evidence of protective immunity to Hepatitis B virus

This Hep B report is shorter and easier to understand. And I am real glad I now have immunity against Hep B virus...AT LAST!

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