Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Taste of See's Candies

I just received my golden box of See's Candies - all the way from U.S...thanks to Alan & Bee Wooi!

Anyway, this should be my 2nd time tasting See's Candies. First time was when one of my IDT US counterpart gave one of us as souvenirs.

Anyway, this 1 pound box costs me a freaking USD17 - which is almost RM58. Expensive huh? Well, being a chocolate lover, and considering that it is not often you can get people to help you buy it from US, it should be worth it ya?

I haven't told Peter that I just spent USD17 for a box of chocolates! But then come to think of it, even if I tell him, I don't think he will scold me, coz See's Candies is owned by Berkshire Hathaway! Hahaha....

Look at the amazing wrapping on the box. It was wrapped in gold.

And look at all those irresistable mouth-watering chocolates.....

However, when I actually have a taste of them, I find them too sweet for my liking. These chocs are smooth and rich, which means a quality chocolate, but I really find them a tad too sweet.
I don't remember them being this sweet when I first tasted a piece last time. Well, either they make them sweeter now, or eating just a piece the last time I didn't quite taste the sweetness.

So, nah, they are not my favourite chocs!


J said...

I wanna pay a visit to your house and makan your chocolate! hahaha.. How come even if you tell your darling that you bought the expensive chocolate and he will scold you?? Peter is Berkshire Hathaway's boss?

Shu-Min said...

beware.... I AM COMING!! *evil laughter*

Soo Huey said...

i find US chocs usually too sweet. how do see's candies compare?

Jen said...

Yeah, Hungary and Romania chocolates are normally not that sweet compared to those in US. Shu-Yin, please let me taste them one by one. I should be able to tell you whether US choc or Hungary/Romania choc are sweeter by the time I finish the whole box :D
You also eager wanna know, right? POS laju to me, I'll be able to tell u the result in one day!!!

tanshuyin said...

peen...noler.peter wont scold me. juz that i transferred the money from his account to pay for his chocs! peter is not berkshire's boss ler. if he is he is now the world's richest man! (bershire's boss is warren buffett). :D

shuey...hehe.i havent really tasted the chocs yet.

jen...wah..u comment so long in my post. if u type in this comment in ur own blog, it will make 1 entry/post dee. blueks. dont tipu my chocs. and dont send ur "spy aka shuwen to steal my chocs"!