Saturday, August 2, 2008

Aunt Flo visited me today

Aunt Flo came when I was in Peter's training. I was shocked to see a small staint on my shorts. Luckily, Min came with me to the training and she helped me clean my shorts in the restroom.

Now I know that I am not pregnant YET. This boost up my confidence to start making my body healthy before I get that my body is ready to become home to my future bundle of joy.

So every morning, I will eat cereals or muesli bars with fresh milk. And every night, I will drink a glass of Anmum milk before I sleep.
I also want to reduce my intake of carbonated soft drinks and fast food.
I will try to exercise (brisk walking) for at least half an hour 4 days a week.


Shu-Min said...

where is our ping pong plan since a few months ago? =.='

Tan Shu-Yin said...

dowan ping pong dee la. i wanna do brisk walking at least 4 times weekly.