Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wedding Anniversary @ TRR again ?

Since we visited Tanjung Rhu Resort (TRR) for our honeymoon earlier this year, TRR has been on my mind ever since. I could not wait to go back there the moment I stepped out of the resort. The place was so beautiful and service was impeccable. The whole experience there was amazing!

So when darlin' asked me where shd we go for our wedding anniversary this year, I did not hesitate but suggested TRR. Initially, I was afraid that darl' might not like it. First of all, we have been there before. Secondly, it is expensive. When I said expensive...it is expensive. Prices have been increased by 20%. The published rate all-inclusive package is RM1700 and this is for PER NIGHT!
But darl' do not mind going there again. He too loved the place. He loved the excellent service there!

I am glad that Firefly now flies direct from Penang to Langkawi. I hated the ferry - makes me seasick. Now at least I have another option that is cheap flights thanks to Firefly.

The place is beautiful. Check out http://www.tanjungrhu.com.my/ when you are free. If not, below pics should make you all drool and understand why I would wanna go there again and again and AGAIN ;)


Catherine said...

mmm looks like a nice place indeed..but isit super hot under the sun? hehehe...me no beach gal ma :P

woo so fast wedding annivesary d hor? almost 1 yr liao since we became ur chi-muis...time sure flies!

tanshuyin said...

MY...it is indeed a very nice place. hey, got aircond room wan...2 of the restaurants are air-conditioned, also the study room, etc and games room. Magnificent place! most prolly going there again ;D

yeah..time really flies. almost 2 yrs since we last registered ;D

Anonymous said...

hey u shud go to koh samui.. koh tao.. damn nice ok! since u have been to TRR before u shud try other places... just my opinion.

anyway, quote:
hey, got aircond room wan...2 of the restaurants are air-conditioned, also the study room, etc and games room.

erm.... o_O dats the last place i visit durin my holidays!!!

tanshuyin said...

pat...yes,i will go to kohsamui 1 day soon. but for now, TRR is the place. not juz the place, but the service is impeccable!

hehe..aircond rooms are especially for MY coz she said HOT..beach is HOT!

Shurainian said...

i wanna go too.. wait for me laaaaa

Anonymous said...

so fast one year d.baby in production line d?