Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The taste of Anmum powder milk

It was way better than I expected. The taste is not only bearable - but kind of nice-smelling as well. I could not believe it! But I better don't say so too early, as I may have to drink it for the next year or so...and I may start to dislike it in the later months...*touch wood*

Anyway, I like to drink it with super hot water. (luckily, the hot water won't kill off the nutrients of Anmum, unlike honey!) The hotter, the better. So usually, Peter will boil water at night and I will make myself a mug of Anmum milk.

I am really proud of myself. One step nearer to healthier body! ;)

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Shu-Min said...

one step nearer to a niece/nephew for me! haha