Friday, August 29, 2008

Deakin Alumni Dinner @ E&O Hotel

Actually, I was never even a member of Deakin Alumni until I received an email invitation from them to a Deakin Alumni stand-up dinner @ E&O Hotel.

I got a little excited and since it was FOC, yes FREE, I asked my ex-uni mates along. It won't be fun going there alone without friends.

In the end, many of us went. Namely, EeLyn, YitFung, Suki, SeowWei, JuMei, Joanna, Ai-Leen, SuLin, Debbie, PhehShean, and Ndru being the only thorn among the roses. There are also a few others which I don't know their names. Haha. Pardon me, but I'd really forgotten their names.

Pardon me for below blur pic. I was not the camera-girl! :P

I just got to know that stand-up dinner means there were practically no chairs available. And they were serving finger-food only. But I must admit that they were quite delicious, with some dishes of quite exotic names.

The whole dinner and presentation was out in the open air. Although it was windy, our Malaysian humid weather made me feel very sticky and sweaty. And my gosh, my feet hurt like hell!

And the presentation got pretty boring after 20 minutes. And staying still on one place while my feet hurts were not helping me either!

But then I must say that I am glad I went. It is a good opportunity to give some of my friends a hug - as some of them whom I haven't seen since I left Disted/Deakin Aus.

We went over to Babylon over at The Garage after that. Needless to say, it was my first time there. I find the it a bistro? Well, I find the place quite nice with a big bed-like cushion for us to lie on. But the drinks prices were exorbitant! Well, I guess I'm just not used to it!


Anonymous said...

blur coz i was the one taking the picture.

J said...

we wanted to take you over to babylon during your hen's night party... too bad you vomitted that very night of your hen's night party @ salsa .. hahaha

tanshuyin said...

ndru...oohh, u were the culprit issit! no wonder. haha!