Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dinner @ CSC

We had dinner at Chinese Swimming Club - a mini dinner celebration because Wen is back! Dad was unable to join us because he had to attend a dinner.

We were quite beat after our day trip to SP, so we chose our dinner venue to be some place close to our home, thus I suggested CSC. The last time I went there, I had good memories of it - good food with reasonable prices.

We reached there at 8pm. The friendly waitress quickly came over to serve us. She started recommending us dishes and we got our orders taken in less than 5 mins. We ordered the Curry Fish, Spring Roll, Lamb Meat (which she insisted us to order), Stir-fry French beans, Claypot Tauhu.

Everything was nice except for the Lamb Meat - which was a tad too salty and also abit 'jun'. And it was the most expensive dish which costs us rm28 for this dish alone. Our total bill came up to be RM80+ with drinks. I shoud say the price is OK if we exclude the Lamb Meat dish...hehe!

Ah well....all went down into our stomachs as well!

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