Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What a hectic weekend!

What a hectic weekend for me....i barely had time to breathe. However, one achievement is this > I did not even switch on my laptop for 3 days - Sat, Sun and Mon!

This is gonna be one long post for me. Many things to blog about. Many outings. Met many friends. Ok, let's get started...

Met up with Win Win after the Peter's fortnightly trainings on Sat mornings. She gave me the 2 albums she did for me. Pretty nice and we love it. Kinda wish we can have our wedding all over again :D

(Wedding albums by Win Win)

Next, met up with Justin & SS, Mich & Wai Min, Chun Hoer and Karen Ooi in Secret Recipe @ Gurney Plaza. Celebrated 3 persons' birthdays - Mich, Karen & Peter. The food was okok - normal SecretRecipe taste. I had Prawn Macaroni while Peter ate "greeny" Fish which looks kinda disgusting but tasted ok :) Peter kept on 'pushing' his greeny fish to me and he 'stole' my delicious prawn macaroni. Haha.

(from l to r: Siow Sen, Justin, Chun Hoer, Karen, me, Peter, Michael & Waimin)

(the 'greeny' Fish that Peter kept asking me to help him eat!)

(my delicious prawn macaroni)

Oh ya...Wai Min's baby will be due in 3 weeks' time. Fuyoh...so fast! She does not look as huge as I thought she would. And she still has a good apetite ;D

Went back and parents fetched me to Miraku @ G-Hotel to meet up with the gang - CPTarians good 'ol gang! Luckily MY arrived there on time (just like me!). The rest was late...with Peen being the latest (still doing facial, kononnya!)...hahaha!
OK...dowanna say so much bout this. I feel like dedicating a post just for this outing!

(from l to r: Pat, Karen, Ee Lyn, MY, me & Peen)

I wokeup on Sunday with a headache. Slept til late morning and then watched a few episodes of Smallville Season 7. We ordered Pizza Hut delivery - 1300 88 2525. I need to sing the song of the delivery number before I start dialing. Yummy...sweet and spicy wings!

Reached Gurney Plaza at 2.15pm just in time for our movie The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Watched it with Justin, SS, Chun Hoer and Karen (yesterday's secret recipe gang minus Mich & WaiMin). Before I watched it, everyone else was telling me how bad is the show. So I went in there with low expectations. But then watching halfway, it was kinda ok...watch-able! :D

After the movie, we went over to Midlands 1-stop for the Popular Sale. Stayed there for 2-3 hrs and went home with our hands full and pockets empty. Spent RM250...of books and CDs!

Rushed home to watch Lee Chong Wei in action to grab Malaysia's first ever gold medal in Olympics! But it was a disappointment. Chong Wei was not up to Lin Dan's standard at all during the finals! Anyway, he still did a great job by going this far and he succeeded in bringing home the only silver medal for Malaysia in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games!

Fuyoh....whole weekend gone in a blink of an eye! :D


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to be part of your life last weekend - twice in fact. :)

And nice to know you found bargains at the book sale! I didn't buy much... probably because I spent RM600 at Popular a few months back (and I still haven't read most of it hehe).

tanshuyin said...

karen ooi...yeaps!was surprised that we bought so much too. bought a book of scrapbook for rm50 and another oldies cd album for my dad for another rm50 :)

Catherine said...

woo what a bz weekend..no wonder no time to send us the pix till today ler..

haha yeah we were on time but Ee Lyn was super early! anyway, it was fun. Looking fwd to the sept get together ;)

J said...

aiyoh.. my reputation gone already la. Shu-Yin and Mei Ying promoting me non-stop for being super late. Thanks for attending August get together - I was glad I organized it first.. hahaha

Soo Huey said...

peen, at least phaiksee didnt dream that you were late for MY's wedding!! so i think your late reputation not that bad yet!