Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pap smear & Hepatitis B Vaccine

I went for my first ever Pap smear test @ Koe Clinic. My heart was beating so loudly I am sure the other patients sitting next to me can hear them. The last time I was this nervous was when I was waiting for my SPM results when I was in Secondary 5.

So what is Pap smear or some called it Pap test? A Pap smear is a simple test that screens for cervical cancer. The test involves the collection of cells from the cervix to be examined under a microscope. It is not a diagnostic test, however, and if any abnormalities are discovered, more testing may be needed.

Since Peter & I are planning to start a family soon, I reckon we better check and ensure we are fit before we conceive. So besides Pap smear, I asked Dr. Sally Ong if there are any other tests we may have to do (i.e HIV, STDs tests). She said there is no such need as long as both of us are not in the 'concerned' group. Hmmm....both was staring hard at Peter at that time! :)

So I ended up doing only Pap smear test and had my blood taken for the checking of my Hepatitis B antibody. *prays that this time my body does not reject the antibodies*

Peter ended up taking his 1st jab of his course of Hepatitis B vaccine (3 jabs in total). His 2nd jab will be in a month's time.

My results will only be out next week. Pray for me.

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Shu-Min said...

how come u didnt mention peter making noise when he's having his jab? ;P