Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Miraku @ G-Hotel

Peen suggested the outing. Peen also suggested the venue. Peen, MY, EeLyn, Pat, Karen & I nodded our heads in unison and decided on Miraku @ G-Hotel 3 weeks ago. Three weeks passed by so quicky and before we realized, last Saturday was our outing day.

I reached there at 7pm sharp and was a little surprised when I saw no one. Picked up my mobile to dial their numbers. Voicemail on Pat's. Voicemail on MY's. Karen picked up but said she was just on her way picking Pat up. *nearly fainted*. Luckily MY returned my call and said she was manuevering her car to park when I called. *thank goodness someone reached dee I thought*.

MY and I decided to head directly to Miraku coz was afraid that our reservation at 7pm may be cancelled if we were way too late. Was surprised to see Ee Lyn sitting at our table already.

The waiter gave us the menu and we had a hard time deciding on what we to order. There was one separate menu which was all in Japanese - crazy, he thinks we are so pro in the Jap language. We tosses the Jap menu aside and just continued looking at the menu with English definitions and some pics :)

At last, MY & I decided to share. We ordered the gigantic sushi set called Miraku Gozen - there were sashimi, tempura, assorted nigiri sushi, grilled fish, a bowl of salad, chawan mushi, red bean desert, etc. All sets came with appetizer and green tea ice-cream as desert. We also ordered a side dish of hand-rolled sushi called Futomaki. It was also a BEEG portion and it tasted delicious.

(our BEEG set of Miraku Gozen)


(appetizer of erm..mixture of weird stuff)

(green tea ice-cream for desert)

Karen and Pat shared SushiZen which is a mini version of our Miraku Gozen but they have 2 handrolls. Peen ordered the same as them too. Ee Lyn ordered Tori Teriyaki Zen. The pic in the menu showed that it was fried but it came out grilled. I was rather surprised that Ee Lyn never complained though.

(Sushi Zen - Pat, Karen & Peen chose this)

(Ee Lyn's Tori Teriyaki Zen)

Oh ya...i've forgotten to mention that Peen was super late. The organizer not only booked this Miraku place for us, but she also booked herself a facial. So she was late! :P

While eating, we were busy taking photos of ourselves, posing one by one, and then with friends, etc. Haha...we were having a great time taking photos of our vain selves.

(MY & I)

(Peen & I - one of our rare pics together)

(Ee Lyn & I - aiks...I look so old compared to her!)

(Karen & I - they say we look like sis..hmm)

(Pat & I)
We had a very good time that night. We were all super full by the time we left the place. We decided to have a makan outing monthly and the next venue will be determined by - ME!
So where should we go? *scratches head*


Anonymous said...

BBQ at ur place :P

tanshuyin said...

pat...wah..then u become the maid and wash up everything ar? :P

J said...
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J said...

Shu-Yin, you repeatedly mentioned in your blog that I was late... aiyoh!! minta maaf tuanku...hey, you didn't mention in your blog about the photo we took together? hahaha... I can give you some suggestion for the venue such as.. u think yourself :p

tanshuyin said...

peen...hahaha...where got repeatedly? aiks...so what are some of ur venue suggestions? faster tell me!