Thursday, August 21, 2008

Line Dance Jam @ IDT

Last Monday, during darlin' Peter's birthday, his notty wife went off to Line Dance Jam @ IDT. His notty wife could not change the Jam's date as it was the most convenient time for everyone's else. :P

The line dance jam started a little late, at about 6.30pm. We danced, ate and took photos the whole time. About 13 dancers were there....enjoying ourselves. We even made polo-tee uniforms for ourselves, with our names embroidered on it.

Don't get me started on the delicious food. If not, I will not stop! Haha..there were Ah Leng's fried chickens, fried beehoon, pohpiahs, Sok Im's fruit tarts, cream puffs, koonyaku jellies, tuna egg roll, strawberry cheeesecake, etc.

I don't have all the picstures yet. Lee Sun only sent me 2 photos for now. So see below for the beautiful and handsome dancers :)

(top row fr l to r: LW Kang, Ting Ting, Pei Hoon & Jasmine.
2nd row fr l to r: Poh Leng, Woon Tyng, Chin Huey & PS Liew.
Bottom row fr l to r: WL Liew, Kah Mun, Shu-Yin, Gan Lee Sun & Esther)


Anonymous said...

seem so fun.....

tanshuyin said... is fun yes. we dance to modern music wan. not the oldies wan. so very fun! ;D