Friday, June 6, 2008

Rajini's & Somanaeswari's Wedding - 6 June 2008

It was a very colourful first time witnessing Indian wedding ceremony. Soma is my ex-classmate in CPT and also my good friend. I cannot believe Rajini & her were a couple since she was in form 2. 12 years of courtship and finally, finally...she is now Mrs. Rajini.

Soma did not sleep for the whole night yesterday, she just managed to catch approx 40 winks and then time for her make-up. Needless to say, she looks fabulous - when I said fabulous, i mean one would ever guessed that this is the girl who has been awake for more than 24 hours!

Indian wedding ceremony is so culture-rich! There are so many ceremonious things need to be done and every one seemed so busy helping with this and that! Mindy, Mun Yi, Jasmine & I were there - proud being Soma's friends and happily clicking our cameras away...trying to capture the colourful wedding.

Enjoy the pictures:

Soma Soma_side view Soma_back view beautiful henna hand
beautiful henna feet bride & groom exchanging garlands Shu-Yin, Mun Yi, Soma, Jas & Mindyfamily, relatives & friends temple deco Mun Yi, Shu-Yin, Rajini, Soma, Jas & Mindy Shu-Yin, Soma, Mindy & Jas
Oh ya, i have to mention this: Mindy wasn't late today! Something worth mentioning. So this proves that Mindy can be early when she wants to...especially for something as important as Soma's wedding. And what's more, Mindy looks great in the "cheongsam inspired punjabi suit"!
Jas look as lovely as ever! I guess Mun Yi and I were the only odd ones out as we wore western-style clothing! was a beautiful day with nice company. That makes everything great!

That's all for now. Soma, have a happy wedding dinner reception tomorrow (so sorry I can't make it). And please learn the delicious fried chicken recipe from your mum asap! Can't wait to visit your place again next Deepavali :)


Anonymous said...

I wasn't late? hehehe... i think there was a reason why I wasn't late... I was actually late already but I got the time mixed up so actually arrived earlier than intended. :P

tanshuyin said...

mindy..all's well ends well! :D