Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup @ Perak Lane

The Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup @ Perak Lane is the best I've tasted. Usually I don't like this dish (basically i dont favour whitish-soupy dish) but this is a must-try!

The coffee shop without any sign board name is situated at the end of Perak Lane. It is being cooked bowl by bowl with the ingredients chosen. You can choose between beehoon or porridge. My favourite is beehoon "bak leow" (pork ingredients) - which comes with minced pork, pork liver, pork kidney, pork intestines and pork brain. If you don't want any of those (i declined the pork brain!), pls ensure you let them know!

Darlin's dad, darlin' and I went there for dinner on Thursday for dinner. We reached there quite early so the place was not yet packed. The place gets packed from 7-8.30pm. Peter's dad & I ordered the beehoon bak leow and darlin' took the "bak cho" (minced pork) with fried fish.

The Coffee Shop without any Sign Board Name
Bak Leow
Bak Leow with Fried Fish

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