Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Dearest Mummy

My mum is a very special lady - fiesty yet gentle! Mind you, she can scream the house down when she is in the mood!
Anyway, all of us tried our best to make her feel special this b'day, so we prepared 3 presents for her. Pre (part 1) , Present (part 2) & Post (part 3)!

Pre - Part 1 *** Home-made Chilled Cheese Cake (by Min & me..ahem)

Present - Part 2 *** A Lovely Porcelain Photo Frame with our Family Tree (drawn by Min the "artist" of DEE)

Post - Part 3 *** Happy Feet Fish Spa relaxation treatment

I wish mummy best of health and happiness!
I love you!


Anonymous said...

WOW u made dat cake urself with min?!?!? KENG LO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

teach me :P

tanshuyin said...

yeayea..scroll down to previous post "Making of Chilled Cheese Cake" - made from scratch :D