Thursday, June 5, 2008

Petrol Price Increase...Ubah Gaya Hidup!

I was so thankful I pumped petrol yesterday afternoon before the whole "petrol crazy" thingy started. I was stucked in the traffic jam for 2 hours from Bayan Lepas to Island Glades. Actually, the jam only started near to Tesco from the Coastal Highway because so many cars are queuing up to refill their tank at Carltex (next to Tesco). That was Bomb 1.

Bomb 2 is those drivers were blocking my way into the Island Glades turning. I could not turn left even though the the traffic light was green. The cars would not budge as they were queuing up for the Shell station further up. I was stucked there...only there... for about half an hour. Bah!

But this 78 sen petrol price increment is definitely a pinch felt. Actually...not a pinch...but a punch! It is 40.62% price increase - a very significant increase!
This is definitely going to cause a chain reaction and everything else will go UP UP UP!
Sigh...what to do? Like the government say "Ubah Gaya Hidup!"
But how much or to what extend can we change our lifestyle?

For me personally, I am going to practise "reduce, reuse & recycle" to the max!
It is not that I don't practise this before :P , but I am going to REALLY do everything possible within my means.

I, Tan Shu-Yin pledge to:
  • Switch off all the laptops power switch every night before I sleep.
  • Turn off the tap while brushing my teeth.
  • Turn off the shower while washing my hair/body.
  • Reuse all the empty pasta sauce bottles to keep stuff.
  • Not buying any clothings as I have loads in my wardrobe.
  • Resist the temptations to buy magazines.
  • Save the environment by minimizing the use of plastic bags and disposable chopsticks.

But all in all, even though we "Ubah Gaya Hidup" and "Ikat Perut", it is only until a certain extend. I guess we need to think of ways on how to earn more, rather than spend less! Or better still, earn more AND spend less. Ahhhh....

p/s - Oh ya...yesterday's line dancing class was great! "My Girl" is now officially one of my favourite dance :)

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