Monday, June 23, 2008

Thank you Peen!

I was talking to one of my close fren 'thru MSN yesterday 'til 1.30am. I felt good after talking to her. We had some heart-to-heart talk. She made me realize not to take things for granted. To appreciate all things you have.

I realized everybody has their own troubles. It is whether do they speak their heart out aloud. I have mine and others have theirs. I ended up telling her things I did not plan to tell her initially.

I talked about my insecurities while she told me a 'lil about hers. I told her how I used not to understand her, to think her as being cold & unfriendly. Now I appreciate her more and more - i find her matured and one who speaks her mind.

We both agreed that as long as we try our best to understand others - we will continue to be good friends. The key word here is "to understand". I know it is difficult to always be understanding. But no harm trying, right?

I think I am quite an understanding person overall. I am patient. And I think I am kind. But I do not speak my mind sometimes - afraid that someone else will get hurt at my words. I used to think this is better - to refrain saying out stuff that I am afraid someone else may get hurt. Now I see it in another perspective. By not speaking my mind, I am not trying to understand a situation, therefore leading to misunderstanding at times.

Now I try to always speak my mind. But I will try my best to carefully choose my words before it comes out from my mouth - try to understand the other person's feelings.

Thank you Peen...for accompanying me 'til 1.30am last night!


Catherine said...

Haha and 1 of the topic was guessing where my new place is right :P

tanshuyin said...

MY...yesyes..u r right!