Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lazy Sunday

I woke up at 10am this has been such a long time since I slept 'til so late. I felt so good. No irritating alarm to wake me up. No appointments to rush to in the morning.

I cooked breakfast for darlin' and I - consists of my signature omelette with crabstick & herbs, black pepper sausages with Gardenia bread. Peter loves my omelette. I drank a glass of Dutch Lady full cream milk and darlin' refused to kiss me after that - complaining that I smell of milk which he dislikes. Haha.

Peter's appointment at noon was postponed. So both of us lazed around the house watching "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" starring Adam Sandler. It was a hilarious comedy. We enjoyed ourselves. Peter lured me to take an afternoon nap. I didn't want to sleep at 1st but when I saw him sleeping so peacefully, I also hopped onto bed and to my horror, I slept for almost 3 hrs. Aiks aiks aiks. Sure I am gonna have trouble sleeping tonight.

I got hungry at 4pm and I cooked Har Mee instant noodles - with eggs & sausages. Cooked for Peter's friend Poay Sim as well who came over our place to ask Peter's help to complete his income tax. Justin & SS came over for awhile for a chat. They are registering (ROM) next they will be pronounced husband & wife in the name of the law.

My dinner appointment with Pat, MY, Peen & Paik Lin was postponed 'til further notice. So I can't pass them Mindy's wedding invitation card yet. Hey girls...if you are reading this, pls REMIND me to pass it to you, ok? If not, I will forget!

It is now almost 7pm as I am typing this. We will be going over to mum's place for dinner. Poay Sim is still here. Darlin' & I will be going up to Batu Feringghi later at night to buy some DVD tv series - namely Smallville Season 6, Prison Break season 3, etc.

The day seems so long - it is nice to just laze around the house with no definite plans once in a while.


ks said...

Get used to it. That's the life of a rich tai tai =)

J said...

so envious... hang fook siu nai nai.... your mission achieved!

tanshuyin said...

ks & peen: not siu nai nai yet..still a long way to go. Real siu nai nai not only enjoy lazy sunday, buut enjoy lazy mon,tues,wed,thur,fri, sat AND sun :P

Anonymous said...

no plan is the best plan.

Anonymous said...

eh rmbr to pass us the invitation cards yea...

don say i din remind u yea hehehe! :P

tanshuyin said... plan means no planning.

pat...oi..didnt meet u how to pass to you? Remind me again when im to see u! :P