Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Feet Fish Spa @ New World Park

This is my 2nd time to a Fish Spa - this time is in Penang itself at Happy Feet @ New World Park. I booked 4 pax for the earliest appointment and took mum, ah yee & Min there. It is also one of mum's b'day present. The exterior looks new and good. But I find the interior a bit small but rather cozy. The moment I reach, the girl at the cashier asked me to pay before I even try the service. Anyway, I paid obligingly. Promotion price of RM18/pax for 30 minutes.

We were led to the leg-washing area. There were flower pots right at the place to wash your legs which I think should not be there. The washing area was not big and the flower pots are making the place looks cramped. We were then given a small towel to wipe the chlorinated water off our feet.

Mum, ah yee & Min was excited and could not wait to dip their feet into the distilled water. The moment their feet reached the water, Min started to scream...hahaha. It was too ticklish for her. Mum was feeling the same thing too. She could not relax and kept her toes curled up to minimize exposure area for the Doctor Fish. Ah yee was amazing. It only took her less than 1 minute and she was already relaxing. Several minutes later, she took out a novel from her bag and started reading....see how relaxed she was! However, mum & Min started to relax after a while and they too were enjoying the nibling-sensation.

The staff were friendly and came to talk to us. After 30 minutes, one of them told us our time is up and gave us another towel to dry our feet!
We left the place with silky-smooth feet and happy faces :D

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