Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2 Mths Anniversay (life after leaving IDT)

My last day in IDT was on 24th April 2008. Today is 24th June 2008. Although I'd already posted about this on 17 June, I can't help it but to write something today to signify the 2 mths anniversary since I left IDT.

Things I MISS in/about IDT:

  • Great people - super nice superior and great colleagues
  • Superb canteen food, thanks to Ah Leng
  • Almost non-existence office politics (not in my group at least!)

Things I DON'T MISS in/about IDT:

  • Monthly Forecasting - the never-ending manual changes needed
  • The super-small cubicle space for each employee (4 in a cube)
  • The space-blocking 4 waste paperbaskets in a cube (surprisingly they never include cost-cutting in this - 1 employee 1 waste paperbasket)
  • Hideous gigantic computer monitors - bulge out too front/too near to my eyes and makes me feel dizzy for the 1st few months (not all get to enjoy the luxury of flat screen monitors)
Although the DON'T MISS list is longer than the MISS list, I still happened to love my time when I was in IDT because of the 1st item i listed down "Great people - super nice superior and great colleagues".
It is important to have friends and nice people to work with - if there are, chances are you will stay longer in the company.

Thank you IDT for the 3 wonderful years there! :)

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