Tuesday, June 17, 2008

IDT vs Now

It is almost 2 months since I left IDT. So, do I miss IDT?

To tell the truth, sometimes I still miss my job of doing "lots launching" and planning the line, and calling the subcons to solve problems. There are also work scope I don't miss, such as doing "monthly forecast" and reports. These stuff, I was glad to hand over to my fellow ex-colleagues.
Most of all, however, I miss my friends in IDT.
Some say 3 years in IDT is not long. But to me, I have made many good friends in IDT.

GN LeeI've found someone who gives me matured and sound advice. She is like a 2nd mother-figure to me. She is strict, yet kind. She looks stern, yet her laughter is contagious. I was pretty scared of her the 1st day I walked into IDT, knowing she is my superior. Her name is GN Lee.

I've found someone whom I can talk almost anything to. She is one of my best friends. Don't be deceived by her quietness. She can talk Carol Lima lot when she wants to. We have our differences but we have many similiarities. She is the only person I know who don't eat vege, yet she has flawless complexion. So envious. Both of us easily shed tears while watching movies. Both of us strive to fit into this society - understanding "money is not everything, but money helps in a lot of things". Both of us plan our marriage and buying of a home when were in IDT. She is my "partner" in IDT. I miss Carol a lot.

3 more friends in Assembly Planning group - Hui Lin, CK Lim & PS Liew.

Hui Lin CK Lim PS Liew
Hui Lin shares her knowledge and experience in IDT unselfishly. She is a very hardworking employee. We call her the "IDT walking dictionary". In IDT, I don't know what I'll do without her.
CK Lim is someone whom I admire. He is someone who doesn't talk nonsense. His general knowledge is vast, be it in social issues, financial field, etc. He is the one whom I will ask for road directions everytime I do not know how to get somewhere. He will draw you a map which shows every single traffic lights and lanes.
PS Liew is the newest member of our group. However, she is a very responsible and independent lady. She always "lectures" us to eat healthily and do things independently. She is also the one whom I talk Mandarin to. Nowadays without her around, my Mandarin language deteriorates.

Besides the Assembly Planning group, I have many good friends in other department. CT Lok in CDB, who treats me as his 'lil sis is my good fren. Shimah, my friend who is always humble and kind. Qher Yen in the IT department who helped me alot especially during weekends to ensure autowip is running smoothly all the time.

CT Lok Shimah Qher Yen

Other groups such as the Product Planning group, Engineering and the Assembly group friends whom I also miss. Not forgetting my boss TC Ang and HL Ang whom I must declare are good bosses ;D

Product Planning group Engineering group Assembly group

Now that I am now working for my husband, i cannot deny that I am enjoying my freedom. I don't have to be stuck in IDT from 8-5pm. I can spend quality time doing things I like. Most of all, I like the fact that I am now NOT exchanging my time for money.

The downside of resigning from IDT and being self-employed is that my income is not stable. However, we believe if we work hard and work smart enough, we will have enough.

All in all, I would like to thank darlin' Peter for encouraging me to resign and be my own boss - determining my own future and have lots of quality time for myself. I like taking control of my life!


mELbiEpiE said...

That sounds really optimistic~
I'm happy for the control you have of your own life now~!! ^-^
Work smart and play hard dearest shushu~


J said...
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tanshuyin said...

bee...study hard and im sure u will be successful in future too!

peen...u r really good too. u earn big bucks...i think the most amongst our frens! u r successful too :)

ks said...

Wei, how come my pikture tadak wan? =)

tanshuyin said...

ks..haha..dont jealous la :P