Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Making of Chilled Cheese Cake

Shu-Min and I decided to make Chilled Cheese Cake for mum's bday. It was Min's first time making a cake, and my 2nd cake-making (my first cake was baking butter cake). I got the recipe from GN and thought it should be a breeze making this cake.

Mana tau...only the shopping part already drove Min & I crazy. Island Plaza & Gurney Plaza Cold Storage do not sell gelatine. We had a hard time searching for this important ingredient. At last, Ritz Cake House sold us 50g of gelatine for rm3. We were so thankful! Next, we also could not find the Philadelphia Cream Cheese that GN told me about. We ended up buying Tatura brand cream cheese.

Now for the actual making of the Chilled Cheese Cake. Let below pictures tell the story:

Ingredients Pounding of Marie Biscuits Mixing Butter and Crushed Biscuits
Pressed until Padat Beat Cream Cheese with Condensed Milk Add in GelatinePouring Mixture onto the Tray Smooth 2nd Layer Adding Coctail To Make the Top LayerChilled Cheese Cake

Looks delicious, right? It tastes delicious too :)


Anonymous said...

Eh eh pass me the recipe too. My family all like cheese cake!

Anonymous said...

wow, successful on yr first try on making cheese cake! i'm impressed.

tanshuyin said...

huey..ok. remind me again when u see me in msn :)

karen..yeah..lucky break :)

Ee Lyn said...

Can give me the recipe look easy to made no baking required right?.

tanshuyin said...

yes, no baking required. my 1st cake also. easy easy.

wat's ur email add eelyn?