Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dragon-i @ QB Mall

Dragon-i menu Shu-Min & I
My youngest sis Shu-Min tricked me into treating her a good meal again! This time is at Dragon-i @ Queensbay Mall.

It was Min's first time ever in dragon-i. She was awed by the deco as well as the ambience and decor seems posh and unique as there are some pseudo terracotta warriors scattered around. It was also her first time tasting Shanghainese Dumpling aka "xiao long pao". It was pretty expensive RM9 for 4 pieces. It was served in a steamer. However, the taste was marvelous. You can taste the freshness of the meat and although it burned our tongue as we bit into it and the soup oozes out, it is still one of the best I've ever tasted. To me, they are nicer than the ones I've tried in Shanghai which was supposed to be famous as well.

Besides the Shanghainese Dumpling, we ate the famous la mien and also the steamed rice with chinese sausages, mushrooms & chickens which are delicious as well.

Xiao Long Pao La Mien Steamed Rice

(pls excuse my "blur-ish" pics as they were taken using Nokia 6300 :P)

Happy Birthday Ai-Leen. May all your dreams fulfilled!

Happy Birthday Kah Mun. May you have a blissful marriage life and lots of love!


Anonymous said...

Uh. I went there once and I never want to go back again. For me the dishes are so-so nia, except for the 'xiao long pao', and all of them are overly priced. I'd rather spend my money else where with really nice food than to eat at an overly decorated so-called Chinese restaurant.

tanshuyin said...

huey...hehe really? i happen to like the food there. not bad. the deserts are nice too...but pricey :D

Shu-Min said...

i like the siu long pau.. OMGGGGG!!
waiting for the next treat from my beloved sister! =P

tanshuyin said...

min..dont trick me again! i WONT be tricked!

ks said...

must tell me how u tricked her... hahaha...