Monday, June 30, 2008


I received my Haagen-Dazs Super Premium Club card 2 mths ago and just had the chance to use the complimentary "buy one free one" vouchers that was sent together with the card. So of course I took my family out for this treat. Actually it was supposed to be a Father's Day present - guess we are a few weeks late! :D

Chocolate & Strawberry Mango Tango

We ordered 2 Creations - Chocolate & Strawberry & Mango Tango! Did it taste good? Well, it was smooth and creamy as usual....but 2 creations were definitely not enough for 6 ice-cream lovers! Anyway, we realized that not only the menu has been changed but the price printed in the menu has been changed as well. The famous fondue now costs a freaking RM63.90 if I am not mistaken! Wow...I guess no more Haagen-Dazs treats for some time being....I will stick to Baskin-Robbins 31% discount ice-creams :)

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