Monday, June 23, 2008

Jamie & Dylan back to Singapore!

Peter & I are feeling a little gloomy now. We just sent Peter's favourite niece & nephew to the airport this morning. They flew Air Asia back to Johore, and then to Singapore to be with their mummy & daddy.

The house seems so quiet and peaceful now without them. They were 'lil devils when they were around - making you scream and making your hairs stand! But at times they could be angelic too....battling their eyelashes at you and rubbing their heads on your shoulders.

Jamie is very, very clever in talking. She talks non-stop and can ask you questions which you cannot answer. She will drag me to play with her "London Bridge is Falling Down" until my back aches from leaning too much. Haha. But I know she had a great time.

Dylan still cannot speak yet except for "Ah Ma"...hehe. But he can understands everything perfectly. He can show you all antics including showing you how the "dog barks".

Now Peter & I finds the house a little too quiet and peaceful for our liking. Not even 12 hours yet and we are starting to miss them.

(once again pls pardon my "blur-ish" pics courtesy of Nokia 6300)


Shu-Min said...

jamie cuts her hair?
dylan is so big now! haha
i like them too.. veru cute!!

tanshuyin said...

yesyes. jamie cut her hair when she came back Pg. Dylan now is very lovable - not frowning so much dee like when he was a baby! :)