Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I need more than 24 hrs a day

My days seem so full suddenly. 24 hrs now is not enough for me!

I wake up very early every morning to ensure I reach the office in time for the 8.30am AIG IT training. Because it is my first week there, trainings last 'til around noon. Then, we will head to AIA and Public Mutual to finish our work - submit applications, forms, etc. Then we will go back home and I will start our paperwork. Afternoon naps are now a luxury to me.

Without realizing the time, the clock ticks 7pm and we will drive to my mum's place nearby for dinner. By the time we reach home, it is 8.30pm. After some housework, time to check my 2 emails and blogs. I have 2 email accounts to reply to - work & personal. And 2 blogs to update - work and personal.

We now sleep at around midnight. This is bad! Even when I was in IDT, I don't sleep this late. And every morning when the alarm rings at 7am...I will groan and grumble....
Argghh....is this my life now?


Shu-Min said...

u choose this life! hahahaha

tanshuyin said...

haha..and I'm not regretting it YET!

J said...

i think everyone also feels the same - in need of at least 36 hours a day.... at least 12 hours for sleep hahaha