Tuesday, May 11, 2010

M is for Monster

Shern got this mini Little Learners book - a.b.c. from his cousins.

As usual, I will read to Shern all his books. As I went through the book, I saw that the book does not use the normal representation. For instance, Q is for quarter. I was scratching my head wondering how to explain quarter to Shern, a baby.

And when I turn to M, it says M is for Monster. I had a good laugh.
I mean, where else would you see M is for Monster?
Usually you will get M is for Monkey or M is for Milk.

It shows a pinkish red animal with horns and claws and big teeth and also with a dragon tail. I guess this is how the book is trying to explain monster.

However, I think the best representation for M should be Shern's photo. Shern can be a monster at times.

Haha. Everytime I turn to this page, I will still laugh.
M is for Monster Shern. :P


Anonymous said...

My friend bought a book for his son. Guess what C and D for?

No more C for Cat D for Dog...

It's C for Computer, D for Disket!!!

scarediechickenme said...

Cute book, yes, M is for Monster for my son too!!

tanshuyin said...

anonymous...u r?
anyway, yeah...now everything is so sophisticated now. :)

wabbitfoot...haha. :)