Thursday, May 13, 2010

Splashing Time!

The weather is so hot every day.
We all sweat a lot, especially Shern. He is usually sticky to the touch come evening time. This is because Shern is very mobile- he crawls and cruise everywhere. He exercises, so he sweats - a lot!

So what do we do? We make use of our apartment's pool and make use of our maintenance fee. :P
We go down to the pool almost every day, especially on weekdays.

12 May 2010 - Shern in his swimming trunk - ready to go down the pool

Shern used to swim in his bright yellow Floaties.

20 Feb 2010 - When Shern was 9 months old & Shern's Floaties

But at 11 months plus, Shern has nearly outgrown the Floaties. He almost reached the recommended maximum age, weight and height. So it was high time that we got him a new float.
Furthermore, Shern is now strong enough to almost climb out of his Floaties.

We loved the Floaties. It gave Shern confidence in water and many, many hours of joy in the pool. But time has come for us to change to a much bigger float. So we deflated his Floaties to be kept in storage.

We bought this Sun Smart Crab Sunshade Float from Toys R Us, which the recommended age for the use of this float is 6-18 months.

This Crabbie float has a sun shade which protects Shern from the sun. This is especially useful for the sun now only sets after 7pm. Sometimes we go down earlier as usually 7pm is our dinner time. So this shade protects Shern from the evening sun.

12 May 2010 - Shern smiling in his Crabby float

This Crabby float also has a space in front for Shern to put his toys. With it, Shern has his very own mini playpool. Before, he always drops his toy and we have to retrieve it up for him. Now, his toys stay near him all the time. Easy for us and nicer for him.

12 May 201o

We are quite pleased with our purchase. Shern loves the pool and I'm sure he looks forward to evening time when we bring him down to the pool. I am glad he loves the water.

Shern with Daddy - 12 May 2010

Shern likes our goggles and he likes to peek through them.

Shern with Mummy - 12 May 2010


scarediechickenme said...

Shern so cute in his swimming trunk.

Hahaha..the crab so big and red. I'm sure he's in center of attraction everytime he is in the swimming pool :)

tanshuyin said...

yeah. it is big. but sometimes he wanna get out of it too.

Catherine said...

cute float! :D