Thursday, May 13, 2010

Damn Good Pasta

Hubby went to work.
I need to be at home to wait for the hourly maid.

So, I cooked myself some pasta for lunch. The pasta tasted so good that I need to blog about it. It tasted even better than those in restaurants.

Ok, this is not made from scratch. I just tore open a packet of Continental's Creamy Carbonara instant pasta.
But I added my own ingredients into it.
I added pieces of black pepper cocktail sausages, some mushroom bits and diced tomatoes for a 'lil soury tang. Sprinkled some black pepper and dried oregano.

Tasted damn good. I finished it all up.

Next time I need to ask my friends in Aus to buy me more when they fly home. Thank goodness I still have some good friends there.
Bee Shin, Soo Huey, Wang Wei, .... do you hear me? :D


Julia said...

San Remo found in our supermarkets taste delicious also. Caris loves the Mac and Cheese but i limit it coz "it's and adult food with salt" :P

tanshuyin said...

julia...really? i tried 1 pkt of san remo many yrs ago and i found the pasta rubbery. maybe it is just that packet.

i shd have a try again one day.

yayar...very salty indeed and way too salty for babies