Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dinner for Family

Saw this delicious Grilled Mayonnaise Black Pepper Wings recipe in My Kitchen Snippets and was drooling all over the photo. There and then, I knew I had to try it out. The recipe seems easy enough so I decided to make it for the whole family for dinner.

But my chicken wings turned out so-so only. It was a bit dry. I It did not '..melt in your mouth, fall off the bones..' as mentioned in her blog but it was still '..finger licking good..'
I think either I baked it too long or the temperature was too high.
But flavour-wise was flavourful and tasty enough. Mum added a little lime on top for a twist though.

My not-so-successful chicken wings

I also made Roasted Pumpkin and Cucumber with Sausages, adapted the recipe from Food & Travel mag May issue.
I used Butternut pumpking and Japanese cucumber. For the sausages, I used black pepper cocktail sausages.

left: diced pumpkin, cucumber & sausages

I like this dish better. I like the sweet yet salty taste and the different texture.

So this is what we ate for dinner just now. Plus another side dish of taugeh/beansprouts with salty fish cooked by ahyee. And we had rice with it as well.

Roasted Pumpkin and Cucumber with Sausages, and Grilled Mayonnaise Black Pepper Wings

p/s - Shern recovered from fever. I guessed he got hit by the fever wave due to him teething. I saw a BEEG tooth at the back of his mouth erupting anytime!

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