Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pail vs Walker - 11 Months

Shern is already an expert in crawling and can cruise pretty well. He can even stand up on his own for awhile without holding anything for support.

At 11 months, Shern is now learning how to walk.

Let the videos do the talking:

This is a video on Shern using a pail as his walker.

This is another video on Shern using the pail again as his walker. Look at how he managed to 'manuever' to the direction he wants go.

This last video is Shern walking using his real walker.

I guess a pail is just as good as the V-tech walker! :)

His legs are now getting stronger and stronger. Looks like it won't be long 'til I need to RUN after him, huh?


Julia said...

Shern looks so cheeky! Always the cheeky smile on his face.

tanshuyin said...

shern is cheeky and mischievous ALL THE TIME! i very chuan la! hehe