Friday, May 14, 2010

Yiu-Shern - 10 months

24 April 2010

Yiu-Shern's 10 months Milestone

The photo above shows Shern biting into some plastic-y thing with all his might. It is actually the table corner backets/protectors that Shern somehow managed to pull them out.


Shern's growth measurement:

Age - 10 months @ 19 April 2010
Weight - 9.20 kg
Length/Height - 74 cm
Head Circumference - 48cm

Shern seemed to have grown quite a lot based on the measurement taken at Tanjung Bungah clinic. However, this time round, we went there almost the middle of the month, thus it was more than a month and a half since his last measurement, thus explains the growth spurt.

Cheeky Smiles

I love Shern's cheeky smiles here. He looks so happy. And his botak head somehow makes him look even cuter. Hehe.

10 April 2010


Shern is no more fascinated by the mirror. Maybe this is because mum's place is full of mirrors and he got bored looking at them.

16 April 2010

Sleeping Styles

I like taking photos of Shern sleeping. His sleeping styles make me laugh. The 3rd picture shows Shern really knocked out - he is so into dreamland.

17 April 2010 & 21 April 2010

In this picture, Shern looks so relaxed here. Like lying down on a hammock in Hawaii. :P

21 April 2010


Shern likes books. He likes me reading to him. We established a good bedtime routine of me going through a few of his favourite books just before putting him to sleep.

One of his favourite books is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Look at how Shern pokes his finger into the holes.

16 April 2010


One of Shern's favourite places in the house is the balcony grills. He likes to stand and hold on to the grills while he cruises and plays there.

23 April 2010

Snacking Time

Occasionally, I give Shern a snack or two. Be it yoghurt, or apples or Heinz's Teething Biscuits. This picture, Shern is having Farley's Rusk.

15 April 2010

Bumbo Seat

This seat is really great. At 10 mths, Shern is still sit in his Bumbo Seat. His high chair is in mum's place. But when he is at home and I need to feed him, I popped him into the seat.
Sometimes he do tries to get out, but luckily the tray in front of the seat blocked him from getting out.

17 April 2010

New Toy

I bought this wooden loop-y toy for him 2nd hand online for RM25 including delivery. Shern likes the blocks in it and knows how to loop the beads through the loops. This is an educational toy which helps him on hand and eye coordination and creativity.

19 April 2010

Wide Smiles Showing All Of His Teeth

I love it when Shern laughs and smiles and giggles so wide that you can see all of his teeth. However, whenever he does that, his eyes became so small! :P
Ain't he the cutest?

18 April 2010

More Mobile

Shern is getting very mobile now. He crawls everywhere in the house. He started crawling a few months back but I should say that he really master the crawling skill this month. He can crawl very fast and seldom slips. But sometimes he still do because he drools and his saliva wets the floor and made it slippery.

Standing up holding to things is also easy-peasy to him. He is now cruising - taking slow steps holding on to furniture.

Little Things Amuses Him

All he needs is just something which is not his usual toys. He wants new things. This time is a blue plastic cup.
Shern is so happy just playing with the cup. Exploring it. Pinching it. Licking it. Biting it.
This makes him happy, and most importantly, occupied for at least the next 15 minutes.

24 April 2010

Grabbing With His Fingers

Shern can now grab things with his fingers, and not only with his whole hands. He can pick up objects using only his thumb and index finger. He is especially intrigue with small things, and this includes dead insects and dust, which sometimes he picks them up and into the mouth they go.

Strong Teeth

Shern sometimes wants to show off how strongs all his 8 teeth are. He bites things just using his teeth, only his teeth. No hands.
And not to forget, almost everything goes into his mouth.

15 & 17 April 2010

Graco Swing

We received a used Graco Swing from Su Li. Took Min & I more than an hour to assemble it. Hey, pardon us ok, coz we do not have any assembly instructions. Tried googling online and very few matches for our searches because it is a very old model.

After assembling it, we were exhausted but proud of ourselves. It is a very good design. No screws, thus don't need any screwdrivers.
Everything just need to click on the right spots, and yet every click is so firm and sturdy!

Shern is sitting on it happily. Not sure whether he understands that he is on a swing.
But I personally find the swing swings a little too fast.

18 April 2010

Clapping Hands & Waving Bye-bye

Shern can now clap his hands. And he can wave bye-bye to people. Shern starts learning and responding.


Whenever Shern is in a good mood, he likes to go into his playpen to play with all the colourful balls in it.
And Shern likes to mess up my stuff. Look at the mess that Shern created with my name cards. Sigh.

21 & 18 April 2010


I like this photo because I find Shern sits on the floor with such style. Gayanya!

24 April 2010

How Is Mummy Doing?

Is still having lack of sleep because Shern still does not sleep through the night.


Soo Huey said...

wow. such a big boy. lots of teeth now!

sorry i'll be missing his first birthday, but will be looking forward to photos ;-)

tanshuyin said...

im sorry u will be missing it too :(