Monday, May 3, 2010

Half A Thousand Ringgit...Or Maybe More


I spent at least half a thousand ringgit just on shopping this week. That is ~RM500. I think hubby must be thinking that his wife has gone crazy.

I mean, I am someone quite prudent when it comes to shopping, especially shopping for myself. But I tell myself that I am in dire need of clothes. All my clothes before pregnancy are way too small, and my after-pregnancy clothes are way too frumpy, if there is such a word. I need clothes that fit me just right for my new body.

So how is my new body? I gained 2kg after giving birth to Shern. I don't think that 2kg is going anywhere. I have to learn to live with that extra 2kg of fats. My hips are bigger..ahem...curvier now and I think I've got bigger boobs, which I'm sure will shrink right away when I stop breastfeeding. And my tummy is no longer flat. I have got tummy bulges now. Sigh.

Anyway, like I said, I am in dire need of clothes which will make my new body feel great again...hiding those fats and bulges. *Grin

So what did I buy with half a thousand ringgit?
I bought myself 2 dress, 4 tops, 2 pants, 2 jeans and a pair of shoes. Not bad huh? 11 items for ~RM500. I got myself Voir, United Colors of Benetton, Vincci, British India, etc. Bargains everywhere!

I am feeling great even after spending half a thousand ringgit...or didn't I spent more?
Let's wait for next month's credit card bill.


Giap Seng said...

If my wife spend RM500 on her clothes, I will feel bad.

If my wife spend RM700 on the credit card (RM500 for her clothes), and (RM200 buying clothes for me), then I feel not that bad.

Try it, Peter may encourage you to buy more next trip. :-)

Kidding lah, I know you will not overspend.

Giap Seng

Tan Shu-Yin said...

haha. actually bought 1 jeans for peter. rm60 only for united colors of benetton brand.

and i THINK i spent more than rm500. hahaha...

Catherine said...

hey where's ur topshop bag? :P
btw you asked me whether there's discount with the card rite..there is - 10% :)

shu-wen said...

i think it's money well spent! when u look and feel good, u also feel happier and more loving right? so peter actually benefits from it! tell him!

Huey said...

Did your foot become fatter also after giving birth?

Tan Shu-Yin said...

MY...haha. bought the topshop bag dee. and im now an owner of topshop membership card also ;)

wen..yalor. he shd feel proud coz his wife is prettier now with new clothes. hehe

chuey...yes. 1/2 a size to 1 size bigger lor after giving birth.