Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sucking From A Straw

We just realized Shern knows how to suck from a straw about a month ago. We were in QBM and we bought a cold drink there. Shern made a fuss and wanted to have it too. So we offered the drink with the straw in it to him, thinking that he would not know how to suck from a straw.

Boy, we were wrong! After a moment or two, you can see the water rising up through the almost-transparent straw. Shern was sucking from a straw!

And today, Shern is drinking diluted Vitagen using a straw. Btw, he has this tear-stained face because we went to dilute the Vitagen with water (to make it less sweet) and he thought we were taking the Vitagen away from him. So he was wailing away there for a minute.

But after giving the Vitagen back to him, he is back to his smiley, cheeky face.

After drinking the Vitagen, we were rewarded with a wide smile from Shern!


Soo Huey said...

hey, i don't say much but i read your blog almost every day.

today just wanna say that your boy really growing up very fast!!! and very clever. love the videos of him walking with the pail. the photos here memang show very cheeky face leh. such a clever, cheeky, happy and healthy boy! you must be a very proud mummy. somehow watching him grow, i'm proud of him too :P

tanshuyin said...

shuey....haha. yes. he is growing very fast all of a sudden. he amazes me sometimes by showing me he understands things.

hehe....u proud of him too? hehe...wah...u r like his kai-ma la then...

Elly said...

clever his mummy milk DHA mah

tanshuyin said...

elly....his mummy's milk supply now dwindling down very fast. it wont be long til i need to giv him milk powder dee.
wat brand u recommend arr?

Shu-Min said...

HAHHAHHAA i can imagine him wailing and pretending to cry, and then smile cheeckily when he gets he vitagen! all his chau khuarn!

Shu-Min said...

the vitagen*