Monday, May 24, 2010

20 years ago...a little card for me

I found this card when I was cleaning my stuff to be moved to the store room downstairs.

It is a card from my little sis, Wen.
She should be just a little girl when she drew this card for me. She drew it on a piece of normal white paper using colour ink pens. She was trying to write in cursive. Hehe.

The card should be more than 20 years ago.

front of the card

inside of the card

It's a little heartwarming when I see this.
It reminds me of how we two used to play all sorts of games when we were little.

Now Wen is in South Africa. Choosing the life she wants. Choosing her own path in life.
She is a big girl now. But she will always be my little sister.

I miss you!
(more than when you were in Malaysia :P)

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Shurainian said...

Our Magic pen!!!!
Yaya.. i keep telling people about the games we use to play...
And that i feel that i become "smarter" because of you. Cos i already start learning (from our teacher's game) even before i start school!!! And when i go to school, i already know all the songs and lessons.. hahaha.. thank you shu-yin che che.. muaks