Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fried Porridge @ 113 Cafe, Fettes Park

Met up with Wang Wei who came back from Melb & SooHuey last Thursday and we went to someplace new. Fried Porridge @ 113 Cafe @ Fettes Park (opposite Prima Tanjung).

Soo Huey was fetching Wang of course they were late! Haha. Anyway, she blamed it on Wang Wei coz she said he went to cut his hair at Prangin Mall. (Anyway, I believed her. I just couldn't help mentioning that she was late..:P)

Both of them ate the famous Fried Porridge. I refused to order that as I dislike porridge, so I just ordered plain rice to accompany the 3 other dishes that we ordered. Yunnan Taufu, Fried Curry Wild Boar & Malaysia Special.

Actually I took pics of our food but I accidentally deleted them before uploading them into the comp. So I'm going to 'steal' pics from the web. (

Restaurant 113 @ Fettes Park

To our disappointment, the Malaysia Special (no pic) turned out to be Kangking fried with Sambal & Belacan and the Fried Curry Wild Boar tasted just like normal pork in curry powder sauce. Tee hee.
Anyway, these 2 dishes are still edible.

Fried Curry Wild Boar & Yunnan Taufu

Yunnan Taufu was good and to my surprise, the Fried Porridge was good. (I tasted Soo Huey's!)

Fried Porridge
(WW & Shuey ordered the personal bowl and not this big sized bowl)

2 bowls of personal Fried Porridge, 1 plain rice, Malaysia Special, Yunnan Taufu, Fried Curry Wild Boar & 3 large glasses of 'leng teh' - RM 38.50. I would say the price is pretty reasonable.

Oh ya...forgotten to take group pic.
Wang Wei looks good. He just came back from KK from the Mount Kinabalu what else do you expect from him right besides looking super fit?

p/s - I received a big packet of Great Baronia nougat and 2 packets of Arnott's Monte hailed from Australia. Thanks WW! :D


Catherine said...

ooh fried porridge eh..ok will try one day since so nearby nia :P

tanshuyin said...

MY...yaya...fried porridge was surprisingly good...especially coming from a person (me) who dislike porridge generally.

Soo Huey said...

ei, wrong d... we weren't late coz WW went cut hair.. actually its coz i thot we agreed the night before that i'll sms/call u when we were finishing, so i didnt expect u to leave your office b4 i contact you.

so really its coz of miscommunication. and when i contacted you to confirm time 12.30pm, you had already left office but he was in the middle of cutting hair d.

tanshuyin said...

shuey....haha. okla..miscommunication then :P