Monday, September 28, 2009

Shern with his Lamaze's Gardenbug Foot Finders & Wrist Rattles

This is one of the item that I bought for Shern.
I was looking for wrist rattles for Shern and they don't come cheap. Around RM15 each without any brand and the designs do not appeal to me.

Bee design that looks like ugly 'retarded' monkeys. (saw that at Puku @ Gurney Plaza)

Then I came across Lamaze: Gardenbug Foot Finder & Wrist Rattle Set. The colours are all so vibrant and I really believe in Lamaze's toys since Shern loves his Lamaze Eddie The Elephant & Lamaze Pupsqueak.
It costs a bomb - retailing at RM49.90. I got it with just a 10% off at Peekaboo.

Don't you just love them? I love 'em the minute I set my eyes on them. They are just way too cute!

Shern has no idea that the wrist rattles are on his wrists. He just bring his hands up and pop his whole fist - fingers and all into his mouth as usual...oblivious to his wrist rattles.

Shern saw the bugs in his feet but he does not know how to reach out with his hands to touch them yet. So I need to lift his feet up for him to admire them. Haha

After that, I packed them back into the box. I guess I need to wait awhile to bring them out again.
Til then - another post!


SH said...

ehh... it's really pretty! i didnt know there's such a thing in the market. but yah, good. start em young. accessorize!!

tanshuyin said...

sieAn...hahaha. actually it is for him to stimulate his hands motors - for him to try to reach out using his hands to touch his toes, etc. :P

Kate said...

how cool, the bugs attract shern's attention and encourage movements.

tanshuyin said...

karen...yeap. that shd be its purpose!

Soo Huey said...

shuyin ah.... when you consider einstein, newton, roberto carlos, michelle yeoh, barack obama... I don't think any of them had all these extra stuff when they were going up. Do you really think they are necessary, or just a marketing gimmick so anxious mothers end up spending more?

Kids these days are becoming more n more materialistic and more dependent on gadgets n accessories in their daily lives. They don't learn to find alt ways around things, but learn to demand n expect more from parents, teachers. It is not good for them.

As Shern grows up, be careful you don't just end up buying stuff for him, sending him to any class that is supposed to be good for him, but end up spoiling him in the end.. I believe in independence, finding your own feet and learning the hard way.

tanshuyin said...

shuey....buying wrist rattles for babies are actually very normal, as normal as buying rattles/teethers for babies. of course buying lamaze brand is not a necessity.

but ive scout around for wrist rattles and they dont come cheap. usually around rm15-25 for 1 (no brand ones). So I figure out the Lamaze brand is not that expensive after all. And also due to the cute and attractive designs, i think is worth it for me to buy them (4 for RM45).

im not someone who simply buy stuff. I think n think n think before I splurge on smtg. But I admit i can't resist spending on shern. hahaha.

anyway, thanks for ur concern.
I will take it into heart and hope I wont spoil him too much.

spoiling him a bit is a must. i can't help it! but i hope i wont go overboard! ;P

Soo Huey said...

don't worry, when u go overboard, i'll keep nagging till u'll ban me from your blogs, filter my email addy n dont pick up my calls!