Saturday, September 26, 2009

This Is My Life Now

I was reading all the entries I'd posted in this blog and I couldn't help smiling at all the pics I posted on Shern, especially the latest weekly update Yiu-Shern - week 15. He looks so cute and mischievous smiling at me while I stared at the computer screen.

Yes, I know I can't stop blabbing about Shern. I can't help keep on mentioning how cute he is, how adorable he is, yada yada yada... He is after all my baby.

Life has indeed taken a new twist after my baby is born. I go out less nowadays. I see less of my friends (although I try keeping up with them. but somehow I'm usually just not invited).

The thing is of course I am not so free as I used to be. But I can still go out and have fun. I still accept invitations for lunches/dinners/weddings/etc. It's just that I need notice beforehand so that I can arrange for someone to take care of Shern.

Friends who understand will be still call me up and don't mind me babbling away about my son. But I accept that not everyone will feel the same way. I know that some are bored with me for the only topic now is 'Shern this...and...Shern that'.

But I guess I am still glad and happy with my life. I chose to get married with my best friend and soulmate. I chose to have Shern.

In fact, I chose how I want to live my life and THIS IS MY LIFE NOW.


SH said...

OOoo... i hafnt met up with you nor visited you since, have i...?? *guilty*

Soo Huey said...

i continue to include you in emails mah.... although often i already suspected that you wouldn't be able to make it. but at least u know what we're up to ;)

chiaoju said...

i'm glad you're happy with your life. and i'm glad you said you have chosen to walk down this life. coz if and only if this is what you want, will you be happy, even though if it means seeing less of your friends.

=) i'll swing by next week... k?

oh, btw, i don't know y but last night i dreamt of us talking over the phone about the food tray u wanted to buy for yiu-shern. i even remembered the price; RM81.80 and RM93.40. beats me y i remembered such weird numbers. =S

tanshuyin said...

siean...nah..this post is NOT for u to feel guilty! ;) dont worry!

shuey...that's y im appreciating all the email loops I am included. Yeah...i would like to know what u all have been up to!
oh ya...peen invited me to the bbq 2 weeks ago. did she tell u she invited me?

chiaoju...rm81.80 and rm93.40? hahaha...if that's really the price of the food tray, it is way too expensive! hahaha