Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shern & Daddy Bonding Time

I am always considered the 'main' person taking care of Shern. Most of the time, I bathe him, pacify him, put him to sleep, taking care of him throughout the night.
I am like his nanny and food. Peter calls me Shern's 'Mummy McDonald'!

Peter meanwhile, is Shern's best friend. He plays with him, watch cartoons with him (bad Daddy), smells him all the time, goo-goo-gaa-gaa with him,

I think Shern loves his daddy a lot!!!

Look at below Daddy & Son bonding time:

13 Sep 2009 - Shern being splashed water by Daddy

13 Sep 2009 - Peter kissing Shern goodnight

14 Sep 2009 - Peter playing with Shern at night before sleep

17 Sep 2009 - Shern & Daddy watching Ben10 cartoon together...sigh!!!

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Shu-Min said...

love shern's expression in the last picture! ;D