Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yiu-Shern - week 12

24 Aug 2009 - CHARM courtesy of dad!

Yiu-Shern's 12 weeks Milestone

Shern was poop-less for 2 days and I was getting worried. This was the first time that Shern failed to poo daily. Usually, he poo-s once or twice a day.
On the third day, I panicked and called Dr. Dan. He said not to worry as Shern is on breastmilk, and only to call him if he still does not poo for 5 days.

Then not too long after the phone call, Shern poo-ed and I was amazed that his poop was still so soft. I was expecting hard poop.

When he poo-s that time, I was so relived and my facebook status was "Shern poo-s after 2 days....ahh....shit of gold!"

Government Clinic Checkup
I took Shern to the Tanjung Bungah Government Clinic for checkup and Shern was already 6.2kg @ 24 aug @ 2mths 2 weeks.
Wow......Shern is really getting heavier and heavier.

Bottle Change
As Shern is nearly 3 months old now and he seems to be having difficulty using the Stage 1 teat of the Breastflow bottle. So I wanted to change him to the Stage 2 teat.
As I received Bfree Plus 9oz Bottles with Stage 2 teats as a gift, I tried to change him to this bottle & teat brand.
Luckily, Shern was able to adapt to the change.
I am so happy. Don't need to spend money to buy Stage 2 Breastflow teats.

(Will review the Bfree Plus bottle after Shern uses it for awhile)

Away from Shern
As mentioned in my previous post, this week I was away from Shern for 2 full days. 4 days 3 nights to be exact. I miss him like crazy.

25 Aug 2009 & 26 Aug 2009

24 Aug 2009 - 3 of Us

How Is Mummy Doing?

- I went to KL and bought myself 2 dresses from Nichii.
- Able to express more breastmilk now (about 4-6oz) although not all the time.


chiaoju said...

awww.. love yiu-shern's shirt. damn cute! :)

tanshuyin said...

the onesie was a present by one of peter's friend ;)
he bought it from australia i think! ;)

ndru said...

i dont often show my emo side but reading this post somehow i feel very happy for you. i guess a nice person like you deserve the very best. hope all goes well and shern will grow up as smart as me. will catch up with you soon.

ndru said...

oh ya..shit.. dun keep on blogging about the same topic can ar.. blog la about the very beginning of making the baby. lets start with the fore play part first.. quick quick tell me


tanshuyin said...

ndru...haha. foreplay part? i think u r the pro, not me!

im really very happy now. love shern to bits. :)

Kate said...

Shern looks like big boss of the house in the last pic '3 of us' :)

tanshuyin said...

karen...big boss indeed he is!