Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to Work

Wondering why I did not update my blog for so many days? Wondering why you did not see me updating my facebook status so frequently now?

It's because I just got back to Work! Yeah...work! Even though for only about 4-5 hours daily.

Every morning, after bathing Shern and preparing myself, I would fetch him to mum's place. Ah Yee & Dad will then look after him while I leave for work at about 10am.
After going to AIG and Public Mutual and running all errands, I will be back at 2pm.

Me in my working outfit - 15 Sep 2009
(Min is the photographer as usual

Leaving for work yesterday for the first time after so many months makes me miss Shern a lot. I left work at about 10am and by 11am, I called home to ask about Shern's updates! hehe

I've been rather busy as I there are many things for me to follow-up after my long absence.
Shern's Week 14 update is still in my Draft. :P

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