Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lost all Shern's photos

I am so sad today. Mum's place got burgled last night and my laptop is gone.
Which means all of Shern's photos are gone :(

I am so so so so sad.
No words can describe what I am feeling now.


Catherine said... sorry to hear that. No one was at home at the time?
Nvm la as long as nobody got hurt or anything..u can still take lots of Shern's pix :)

chiaoju said...

*hugs*. i'll find ppl (me included) and we'll come take lotsa photos k... and we'll make some big some small to resemble shern's many many weeks of changes k? =)

at least no one got hurt. from what u describe to me just now; it was pretty scary.


Mindy said...

Oh no.... did it happen in the middle of the night when all of you were at home?

At the very least, you've been posting photos of Shern every week. So you still can retrieve photos from blogger. I know it cannot compare to all the photos you lost, but at least you didn't lost every single photo.

tanshuyin said... lor..parents,sis n aunty at home sleeping...
but no one's hurt luckily...small-case burglary...took all the easy-easy things wan...

Chiaoju...yaya...i so so so sad...sigh...

Mindy...yalor..happened in the middle of the nite.
those photos i uploaded in my blog all resized wan...
i have so many thousands cute cute photos...sigh

aiyah...i cant stop ranting....sighh..

swei said...

oh bad for not picking up ur calls at such times..don't sad de..take more of shern's pic from now on..ganti balik :)thank goodness everyone's safe..

Elly said...

DOn't worry, there are more photo to come..most important your family is safe....Jaden's video all gone too when my camera once sama sama.

tanshuyin said...'s damn scary to know that the burglar was in the same room my family are sleeping. GONEEEEE

elly....SIGHH.....i cant help feeling so so so sad

SH said...

i'm so so sorry to hear that.. must be heart breaking... =(((

tanshuyin said...

Siean...yeah,,im still so sad and devastated!

babies said...

Hey Shu-Yin,
I'm so sorry to hear that. Hope you are ok by now. I'm glad your family is safe and sound.

tanshuyin said...

Hie babies,

May I know who you are? ;)

Chewingonit said...

Hey Shu Yin,
It's me. I've signed off with my blog URL this time.

Sorry I left the comment with my Google ID in my previous comments, which doesn't ring any bells to you... keke.