Friday, August 11, 2017

Review: TAG La: A Bluetooth Item Finder - Find Things You Care & More!

I received a request to review a really unique device - A Bluetooth Item Finder called TAG La!
I was excited to see how it is and what it can do, because this is definitely something new for me.


TAG La is a Bluetooth device that helps people keep track of their belongings and locate it whenever needed. It operates through a Bluetooth connection from your mobile device that is then linked to the mini portable device.


I received the packaging not long after TAG La emailed me telling me the item has been sent. The item was packaged in a prepaid plastic packaging,   

Upon opening up the plastic packaging, inside is a small and slim box which is the TAG La box packaging.
This is the front and back of the box packaging.

You can see that there is a small window that you can see the item and also the brand TAG La is quite prominently shown in the packaging and the item itself through the transparent window.

It also describes what is it, and that it is "An item finder" and that it is the "Fastest way to find your phone, keys and anything. Nothing is lost anymore"
I certainly like how you straightaway know what is the product when you look at the packaging!

And behind the packaging, there is even an instruction on how to connect the device in words and pictures, thus eliminating a user manual.
But of course if you need more, you can always go to their website to learn how to connect the device.

So, I am a fan of their simple yet effective packaging!

I opened up the box and in it, I saw my blue Tag La device.
It comes with a keychain which allows you to link it to your product of choice.

I love how small and discreet it is,  thus not taking up precious space. Look how it fits into my palm easily.


And then I tried putting it into use.
I downloaded the TAG La app on my phone (see the bottom right icon on my phone).

And then I tried the Item Finder function.
Added my key to my Tag La item.


And of course I then hang the Tag La device into my car keys, which I sometimes tend to forget where I left them. 

Then I "Bind the device" for it to activate.


And you can also rename it to anything you like. I just simply put in TAG La Car Key

I needed to press and hold the button for 3 seconds until the beep sound, and then to make sure the device is working, it must have this flashing light every now and then. 
And also it must be within the 75ft Bluetooth range. 
OK, quite an easy and straightforward installation and setup!

Once ready, I could find the item. I put it into test.

All I needed to do was to open the app and clicked on "Find Me", and then the device which were then strapped to car keys would start to beep......beep. beep. beep......until I could locate my car keys.
Then i pressed the "Stop" button to stop the beeping sound. 

Easy and effective Item Finder Function!

No more lost car keys for me....yay! 


And so that you all know, this teeny little device is NOT ONLY an item finder, but it can do other things such as Ring Your Phone,  ....even when on silent mode. Yes....

And so this brings me to my another favourite feature of this product. - Finding my Phone!
With a baby, I frequently put my iPhone in silent mode. And my phone gets "lost" in the house more frequent than I like, be it hat my kids misplaced it, or it can wedge down in-between the sofa, or under a pile of books/toys, etc, you know the drift. 
So it gets frustrating when I'm in a rush and needed to find my "lost" phone.

And now with this clever little device I don't need to worry anymore!
I just need to double-click on my TAG La device and my phone would ring (actually, it is a music ringtone!) even if my phone is in silent mode! cool or not?

Here is the button for me to double-click to ring my lost phone!

But there is a catch. I need to make sure my Bluetooth in my phone is turned on, or it doesn't work!
And of, it must be within the 75ft Bluetooth range, of course!

Ok, now is time to try on my favourite function of this smart little TAG La device - the Selfie function!
Now I love taking photos. But I am bad in taking selfies. 
It is difficult enough to position my arm holding my iPhone and then to make sure all our faces are into the camera range, and then to awkwardly bend one of my fingers to tap on the camera button, or the volume button (for iPhone).

Now there is no need to. Just position your phone and make sure all our faces are in, and then inside of clicking on the phone. Just press on the little button on the TAG La device. It will trigger the camera to capture your frame!!!!! So cool and easy!

And this device also let you have information of the Last Place Seen of your item, etc. 

And another new feature is the "Community Search" function. you can help others find their lost items and you can also enlist your community to help you find yours. 
But so far, I haven't used this function yet as I am quite skeptical to turn on my location service to enable people to track my location for safety purpose. 

But TAG La's websites says that this function is safe, and that the location update works automatically and anonymously. 
You all can give it a try.  

All in all, I honestly think this product exceeds my expectation.
All I expected was that it is a Bluetooth Item Finder. I did not expect it to be able to find my phone, and it can even act as a selfie, and more!
I think it is a really smart little device!


Please visit TAG La's Website to purchase. They have a range of colours to choose from. 

For Malaysia - All orders with totals of RM100 and above will entitle for FREE shipping.
For International - All orders will be charged a flat rate of RM25.

You can also visit their Facebook Page and their Instagram for more info. 

* Disclosure: I received a TAG La device mentioned above for review purpose, but no monetary incentive was received. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s).

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