Sunday, June 25, 2017

My Kids' First Time at the Circus (Great British Circus) !

Since we are not going anywhere for this Raya holidays, we decided to just go Cuti-cuti Penang
And so on Saturday night, we went to this Great British Circus show who is currently in Penang island. Heard they've been here before but we missed it then. 

Anyway, this is my kids' first ever circus show. And also mine and hubby's 2nd time only since we were little kids. We also brought papa and mama there since they love watching a good circus. All of us were quite excited about it. 

There is only 1 showtime at 8.30pm from Mon-Thu, but there are 2 showstimes on Fridays and weekends, 5.30pm and 8.30pm shows. 
I booked the 5.30pm show because the 8.30pm show is too late for us with young kids. The show lasts 2 hours.  

This is the official poster of the show for those interested. 

There are 3 seating zones - VIP Seat / Hot Seat / Standard Seat.

VIP Seat - Adult RM80 / Child RM50
Hot Seat - Adult RM50 / Child RM30
Standard Seat - Adult RM30 / Child RM20
(Children below 3 is free)

We took the VIP Seat because we wanted to give my parents-in-law a treat since they've never sat on the front rows before. And also it was not too expensive so we decided to treat them.

Now, first let me tell you the good and bad things about the seating. 
The bad thing is that all the seating zones are not numbered, meaning is on first come first serve basis. So although we bought the VIP zone seats, we still needed to go in early to secure our exact seating place.
But then the good thing is that there were not many people, so no rush and no exact need to go really early to secure good seats. 

But then based on what I see, I think Hot Seats zone is good enough. It is just a little bit behind the VIP seats, and it is staggered seating. So the view should not be blocked too much. And anyway, a little behind is sometimes better when watching some stunts, especially the trapeze.  

This was the queue to get into the ring according to your seating zone. No queue at all haha.

We managed to secure front row seats for Shern & Khye, and also for Papa and Mama.
Hubby, me & Vern sat just behind the kids.


During the show, I did take a few short clips using my mobile phone. But I decided not to publish any of the clips here, as not to spoil your show if you decided to go watch it.

I will just post a few of the photos here.

The perks of seating at the front is that you got to be chosen to be a volunteer. Good and bad depending on you haha.
Shern was ecstatic to be chosen to throw the paper ball to the clown.

Look at Khye raising up his hand, in hoping to be chosen too. :)
And by the way, Vern was scared of the clown. Haha. He didn't like him at all. Everytime he walked nearby to us, Vern would say "mai mai, go away" lol.

There were plenty of balancing skills / acts. 


Plenty of dancing and singing. Quite professional as well.

Hanging in the air kinda stunts.

Khye's favourite skill. Watch it yourself to know what it is. Haha

And a few death-defying stunts.

Some of the stunts they don't even have any safety belts, or at least I didn't see it. The trapeze stunt had a safety net though. 
Trapeze troupe. 

It was really nice to see the smiles on Papa and Mama's faces for the whole 2 hours. 

As for Vern, he was a good boy throughout. 
Besides him being scared of the clown, he watched the whole show and enjoyed it. He even exclaimed "Wah....when he saw some of them hanging upside down".

There was a 15 mins interval half way throughout the show, for toilet breaks and also for them to install the safety net on stage. 
During that time, there was a photo corner, a kid face painting corner, and they were also selling lighted up clown nose, balloons and other snacks. All need to pay money.
We didn't buy any though.

We brought our own snacks so my kids were contented just eating that.
All of us really enjoyed ourselves, especially the kids.
Almost at the end of the show, Shern asked me "Is it going to finish soon?"
I thought he got bored or something so I asked him why. 
He said "I don't want it to end!" :)

A shot of all of us at the end of the show.

The circus tent. 

What I like about this circus is that this circus do not have animals performing in it.
This shows that we don't need animals to keep us entertained. 
Human acrobatic acts and other skills are good enough. 
I do not support the use of animals in circus shows which tends to lead to abuse. 

Overall, it was a great 2 hours. Fully entertaining and my kids couldn't get more of it.
And it was quite professionally done, better quality of circus shows that we can get in Penang.
And furthermore, it was very reasonably priced, to my opinion.
2 hours of live entertainment at only RM30/20 for standard seats! Where else to find? Haha.

At the end of the show, Shern said to us "Thanks for bringing us to see this awesome circus!".
And Khye quicky quipped in too "Thank you Mummy & Daddy for bringing us!"
So we felt all was worth it by just that! :D

***********Here are some tips for you all:-

- You can book your ticket by whatsapp-ing this number (014-283 2194 or 016-924 8568 ). Just collect and pay 1 hour before show starts
- Bring some snacks and water in as the limited snacks and water there are pricey as expected.
- Ring is quite small, so Hot Seat zone is good enough. Standard Seats zone are ok too, just that there are no front views, only side views. 
- Plenty of parking space just next to the Circus tent. So you don't need to walk from QBM, and parking is free.

So if you people have an evening to spare, please bring your kids and family for a fun circus night. You will not regret it!
Circus ends 30 July 2017! Go watch it while it is here!

***Please take note that this post is NOT sponsored. I booked the circus tickets myself and paid with my own money. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s)/service(s).


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