Thursday, September 29, 2016

All Smiles for Khye at the Dentist

8 July 2016 - Khye 3 yrs 10 mths

Khye fell down and chipped off both his front tooth at age 23 months old, just a month shy of 2 years old. Since then his teeth gradually became kinda 'dead' and a little 'bad' which also spread to his other 2 nearby teeth.

It also led to him having the Gingivostomatitis/Gingivitis with a swollen lips due to abscess when he was about 2 1/2 years old. 
We brought him to the dentist and it was recommended that he was way too young to be put under GA to remove his tooth that cause the abscess. And during that time, Khye was scared stiff of strangers touching him, especially his mouth and there was no way the dentist could pull out his tooth without causing a big scene, and made him phobia of dentist forever. And I certainly do not want that to happen!
So we decided to just wait and see if the abscess happens again and how frequent would it be. And I'm pleased to say that since then, it was all good. :)

And then suddenly, since Khye turned 3yo, he was all grown up with potty training success and all. 
And so I brought Khye for a long-due routine dental visit.
Dr. Tow has now moved to Living Smile Dental Surgery (no more in Smile Bay Dental). Since I feel that she is good with kids, I like that Khye has a good experience again.

Dr. Tow as usual is great with him. Look at how she makes interacts with Khye. She told Khye that the chair is an airplane and she is taking him for an airplane ride.
And with that, she won Khye's heart. ;)

I also liked that she explains every step of what she is going to do with his teeth to Khye. 
Here, she showed Khye how she is going to use this device to brush his teeth. She first brushed it on his hand to show him that there will not be any pain.
And so Khye opened his mouth and allowed her to check and cleaned his teeth!

They guided him to gargle. 

She told me that one of his teeth needed to do some filling and asked Khye to return. 
But before we left, she gave him a sticker and that made him very happy.

We returned to Living Smile two weeks later to get his filling done. Look at Khye in all smiles while waiting for his turn. 
23 July 2016
To do a filling would take a longer time compared to just cleaning his teeth. Dr, Tow was worried that he might not open his mouth long enough and so she even prepared the movie Frozen to be played on the screen. haha. 
But it was all good. As usual, Dr. Tow explained every step to him before she proceeded and thus this made Khye felt good and knew what to expect. 

And so it was a good dentist trip. Khye got his fillings done in a flash!

This time, Khye chose a pinky My Little Pony sticker sheet for his reward! :)

Thank you Dr. Tow for being so very good with my kids always. 
I totally recommend Dr. Tow if you are looking for a child-friendly dentist!

LivingSmile Dental Surgery
No.4, Lorong Selamat
Georgetown, 10400 Penang

Operating Hours:
Monday to Saturday (9:00am – 6:00pm)
Sunday & Public Holidays (Closed)

+6 04-228 8686
+6 013-506 1515

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Unknown said...

I am absolutely agree Dr. Tow is a child-friendly dentist because my children also have always been treated very good there.��

Unknown said...

I am absolutely agree Dr. Tow is a child-friendly dentist because my children also have always been treated very good there.��